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Adaptogen Infused Peach & Ginger Black Tea (12 Cans)


Our small-batch Peach Ginger Black Tea with Adaptogen blend is brewed using the freshest organic black tea leaves, perfectly infused with fruity flavors of plump peach and a dash of gentle ginger to create a lightly sweetened delicious delight. 
We make all of our scrumptiously superb beverages with only the best small-batch organic Fair Trade tea & coffee. Each bottle contains 300mg of our proprietary Adaptogen blend, infused with Ashwagandha, Reishi Mushroom, and Ginseng. 
We use aluminum cans to reduce plastic waste, increase recyclability, and promote carbon footprint reduction.

This product contains 150mg of natural caffeine per 16oz can so we do not recommend it for children, people sensitive to caffeine, or women who are pregnant or nursing.